Sunday, May 1, 2011

My CVS trip today!

Ok here is what I got at CVS today!

3 Nivea Mens Body wash ( I had a rain check for 3.99) 5.99 normal 3.00 off from 4/17 paper
1 Nivea Womens Body wash (rain check) 5.99 normal with coupon for 3.00 off
+ if you spend 15 in nivea products you get 5 ECB back!

I spent 3.52 and got 5.00 back so I made 1.48!!!

I also got Bic Soleil Shimmer 6.99 with the coupon from today's paper made it 3.99 and it has 3.00 ecb so I got it for 3.99 with 3.00 off my next trip!

Also Colegate toothpaste 2.77 with 2.77 ECB limit 2! Plus a .75 off coupon from today's paper made it 2.02 with 2.77 back in ECB Each one is a .75 money maker!!!

I spent 0.00 out of pocket becuase I used my ECB's from last week! and have ECBs for next week!!!

Let me know what you get at CVS this week!!!!

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